Bisque Trousers in Railroad Stripe Linen à la Daniel Day-Lewis


Street style striped pants with an oversized silhouette as requested by Zack (our friend and model Chelsea's husband). We were going for Daniel Day-Lewis on his day off vibes. (Also, who knew DDL had this level of street style and is covered in a healthy amount of eclectic tattoos?! Makes sense as everything he does on screen is completely entrancing, happy to see it transfers to his real life.) Mission accomplished as these trousers fit both Zack and Chelsea perfectly. The volume and pleating lend a chic vintage vibe to the over all look and are incredibly comfy. 



Bisque Trousers by Vivian Shao Chen 



Our Black and Oat Railroad Stripe Linen was the obvious choice. It sewed up beautifully. We do recommend starching the pieces before sewing so that the linen has a bit more structure while pinning and sewing. 


Sizing and Mods

These are a straight size 10 with 2" added to the length. Chelsea is 5'5" and wore them cuffed at the hem. Zack is 6' and they hit at the perfect spot. 





As noted by many sewists, these trousers have a very interesting construction and sew up like a puzzle. It's a bit of a mystery at first, but when that pocket/pleat combo hits you get a little sewing high. 


Zack rocking the whole look

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