Matchy Matchy Sewing Club is a playground of discovery for everyone who loves to sew and anyone who's ever wanted to! Where memories are created from scratch, mistakes are magic, and mixing it up has a way of bringing everything together. 

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Our playful patterns are refreshingly simple, highly wearable, and so much fun that you can't just make one.

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We create resources for sewists (just like you) as you follow your creativity.

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Cloud Linen Fabric

Foolproof fabric for mixing and matching. Our ever-evolving collection is cohesively curated to set you up for success. Pick your faves and see where they take you!

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Want to join the Matchy Matchy Sewing Club? Great, you're in! 

Our cozy internet corner is for sewists and by sewists: a place to learn together, encourage each other, and share helpful tips and ideas. Everyone is welcome and anything goes!

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Mix and Match Linen

A piece of cake to piece together a make. Fabric for everyone who loves to sew and anyone who wants to.


We're Amy and Theresa, and we're so happy you're here. As self-taught sewists with a passion for simple and smart design, we believe that creativity doesn't have to be complicated, mistakes can be magical, and good today is better than perfect tomorrow. 

Amy + Theresa