How to Assemble Print at Home Patterns

Assembling your print at home pattern is very simple. All of our patterns come with a layered Print at Home PDF and a layered Copy Shop/A0 PDF. Layered simply means that you can view and print each size or layer at a time. This way you can print only your size if that works best for you. The PDF can also be printed with all sizes as well. 

Step 1

Print your PDF centered on the page at 100% scale.

Step 2 

Measure the 1" or 2 cm box to ensure that your scale is correct. If these boxes are measuring correctly then the rest of your pattern will be to scale. 

Step 3

Trim off the right and bottom sides of the paper at the outlined box. 

Step 4

Match up the circled letters at the corners of each page.

Overlap the left page on top of the right page to cover the blank space outside of the outlined box and complete the circle with the matching letters. Tape together to secure. 

Step 5

Continue taping and matching all of the pages in the row. Repeat these steps for the second row.

Match the second row to the first using the circled letters as a guide. Tape together to secure. 

Step 6

Cut out the pattern pieces for your desired size!

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