Diamond Scrap Quilt


Diamond Scrap Quilt



Self drafted


Tutorials used

Hand quilting - Suzy Quilts

Bias binding - Melanie Ham

Hand sewn binding finish - Suzy Quilts



This amazing harlequin quilt by Projekti Tyyny.



Left over scraps from this Nine Patch Quilt

Fabrics Store Heavy Linen (7.1 oz) in bleached, mixed natural, and shadow grey (bought piece meal in the Doggy Bag section to save some $$$ since I didn’t need continuous yardage).



When working with linen for a quilt I starch my fabric before piecing it together to make the quilt top. It makes the process so much easier and less fiddly. Grab some liquid spray starch and stiffen up those pieces when ironing. I actually love the smell of starch (nostalgia 🥰) and I love ironing, win-win.  


Fabric Dye

Rit dye color formulas were my best friend - this is an art, not a science :) and will yield different results for each batch.

  • Green Canopy - dark green used for background

  • Graffiti Green - light green and light blue (this dye lot darkened super quickly and I used Rit Dye Remover to lighten it. It was split between two pieces of fabric and each came out a different color even in the same dye bath, just go with it…)

  • Honey Jam Gold - mustard yellow used for accent squares

Note: Pink Peony was my color choice for the muted blush color. I decided to go with the shadow grey pre-dyed fabric from Fabrics Store as this is one of the hardest colors to achieve at home. It usually needs to be over-dyed with a touch of the opposite color to knock out the brightness.










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