Stash Pocket Tote is here!

Surprise! We have a fun, new PDF sewing pattern for you, the Stash Pocket Tote. 

The Stash Pocket Tote is a fully lined tote bag with an outside pocket and shoulder straps. It is the perfect scrap buster and looks great in a patchwork style or single fabric. This is a quick and satisfying sew that you will reach for again and again. 


This tote came about when we were coming up with affordable items to sell at the West Coast Craft market we were at a few weeks ago in Los Angeles. Like you, we have a zillion scraps of random sizes and patterns. Theresa started experimenting with different configurations and the tote was born. They were such a hit at the market we decided a pattern was needed. 


The tote went through a few different iterations before the final design was locked in. I always love hearing the thought process behind a design so here is a little peek into ours along with some features we considered. 

  • It needed to be a tote that is roomy enough for essentials like your lunch and laptop, but not so cumbersome that if becomes unwieldy. Size is important too when thinking about a scrap busting project since we want to use up as much sewing waste as possible. Can't be too big or too small. 
  • We also considered a gusset on the bottom instead of a simple flat tote. This idea got axed when we realized it did not add to the functionality and only made the sewing more difficult. 
  • An outside pocket was a must for keeping things like phone, keys, cords and other little bits close at hand, not lost in the abyss of your tote. The configuration for this took some engineering, but it was totally worth it. A perfectly scaled pocket is a precious commodity. 


The tote bag requires about 3/4 of a yard for the main fabric and 1/2 a yard for the lining. There are so many great fabric combinations to be used, each tote will turn out adorable, in any pattern or color.  

 We can't wait to see your makes! 

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