The Picnic Square Quilt is here!

The Picnic Square Quilt is a simple pattern based on squares and rectangles that is perfect for beginners. If you can sew a straight line you can make this quilt! It comes together very quickly using the chain piecing method for your quilt top. The Picnic Square Quilt looks beautiful in solid fabrics and prints or can show off your scrap collection. The basic shapes are reminiscent of a town square park, the perfect location for a picnic.  


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Beginner Friendly 

We wrote this pattern with beginner quilters in mind. If you have never made a quilt before this is a fun place to start. The pattern instructions include all of the small but important details that are often assumed in quilt patterns for more experienced makers. 


This is also a fun, quick sew for seasoned quilters. It's a great pattern to show off your scrap collection and piece together memories from past projects. 



The sample quilt uses fabric from our Cloud Linen and Gingham Linen collection. Linen is a great fabric for quilting as it gives the softest, squishiest result. However, if you are not used to sewing with linen it can be a bit shifty. We recommend not washing any of your fabrics before sewing. Sew all of your elements together, and finish your quilt then go through a full wash cycle or pop it in the dryer to bring out the crinkly goodness. You can also use a starch when pressing to add some stiffness to your linen fabric. 

Fabric 1 • Medium Natural Gingham Linen

Fabric 2 • Pearl Cloud Linen 

Fabric 3 • Night Cloud Linen 

Fabric 4 • Citron Cloud Linen 

Backing Fabric • Mini Natural Gingham Linen 

Binding Fabric •  Small Caper and Natural Gingham Linen 




These are some helpful tools to use when quilting. You do not need many fancy or new items, but here are a few items you may want to invest in if you're planning to make more than 1 quilt (and you will, it's addicting!)

Piecing Tools

Machine Quilting

  • Walking foot for your machine model

Hand Quilting 




These are tutorials and videos I found extremely helpful when I first started quilting. The quilting world is full of amazing artists who are so generous in sharing information. If you don't know a term or how to do something just give it a quick google. 

Chain piecing • Coral and Co.

Hand quilting • Suzy Quilts  

Bias binding • Melanie Ham

Hand sewn binding finish • Suzy Quilts


We can't wait to see your finished quilts! Make sure to use the #picnicsquarequilt so we can see!

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