Ara Quilted Overcoat in Rasai Jacquard Quilted Cotton


An oversized layer that I can pop on top of bulky sweaters in the colder months for added coziness.  

I have worn this almost everyday since it was completed. It's a perfect layering piece for winter in southern California and I love the utilitarian vibe. It's great for getting things done when you don't want to be wearing a bulky coat around. 



Ara Quilted Overcoat by Daisy Chain Patterns  



The fabric definitely inspired this make. I got my hands on this amazing Riverbank Jacquard from Merchant and Mills with a beautiful woven patchwork pattern. It is double sided and so so beautiful.

I knew I wanted a fully reversible piece so the inside had to be just as stunning. Enter this squishy, soft, cozy jacquard quilted cotton, which we now stock on our site (happy news if you are in the US). This is also a bit of a hack as the fabric is pre-quilted. 

For the binding I wanted a subtle contrast that still went with the vibe of the other fabrics. I ran out of the binding on my last sleeve and wasn't about to go through the trouble of making more so I used some I had lefter over from another project. The patchwork looks works totally fine for this make.


Riverbank Jacquard from Merchant and Mills 


Rasai Jacquard Quilted Cotton from Matchy Matchy


Mini Natural Gingham Linen

Medium Natural Gingham Linen 

Medium Dune Gingham Linen 


Sizing and Mods

Size medium shortened by 2" at the length and 4" at the sleeve. 

I did not quilt my main and lining fabric together as the interior fabric is pre-quilted. Serging the shoulder and side seams totally sufficed to keep the garment together. 

Omitted the smaller pocket on the inside. 


Other Outfit Details 

Handknit Crew Sweater from Honest Cotton

Second hand Burberry trousers from my local Crossroads 



Overall this is a pretty straightforward make, although be warned - it includes a TON of bias binding. I also hand stitched my binding on the inside so that it would look really clean and invisible. If you have never bound a quilt before this might be a big undertaking, just mentally prepare 😅.

Despite making this because of the patterned fabric, I have been wearing it reversed to the quilted side most of the time, feels more me. It's a great piece to throw on over any outfit and instantly look more pulled together.  

The pockets are HUGE and can fit a 6 month old niece, if necessary. 



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