Champagne Field Dress with Straight Hem



We were inspired by a dreamy Christy Dawn look and knew it was a super easy dupe using our Champagne Field Dress pattern.

We started with the full length version with the square neckline and the flutter sleeve. Next up changing the hemline to be completely straight and finally lengthening the bottom ruffle. Below is a super simple hack to recreate this look.




Front Skirt 

  • Extend the center front line down.
  • From the bottom point of the side seam draw a straight line to meet the new extended center front line. 
  • You now have a straight hemline for the front skirt pattern piece.

Champaign Field Dress front pattern piece



Back Skirt 

  • From the bottom point of the side seam draw a straight line to meet the center back.
  • Cut away the bottom portion.
  • You now have a straight hemline for the back skirt pattern piece.

Skirt Ruffle 

  • Extend the side seams down by 5 inches. Draw a line to connect the extended side seams.
  • You now have a lengthened skirt ruffle.



Feel free to experiment and make the bottom ruffle as long or as short as you like.

If you wish to make the ruffle longer you can also take out length within the dress body by using the lengthen shorten lines provided on the pattern pieces.

We also decided to make a matching belt that is approximately 60 inches (153 cm) long by 3/4 inches (2 cm) wide. This is personal preference, so see what works for you.

Can't wait to see your version of the Champagne Field Dress. Have fun sewing!

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I have this pattern, and there is no square neck…. how do I get that please?
Matchy Matchy Sewing Club replied:
Send an email to and we’ll make sure you have the most updated version of the pattern!


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