Collage Gather Dress 3 Ways


The Collage Gather Dress is one of our most popular patterns for a reason. It is beginner friendly, fun to make and easy to wear. What more can you want from a sewing pattern?

There are endless ways to make and style the Collage Gather Dress. We've rounded up three of our favorite, simple ways to transform this dress by switching up your fabric options. 



Choosing a solid fabric in a neutral color is the most straightforward way to make this dress. It creates a fun, flirty silhouette in a very wearable way. Classic. Definitely something you want in your closet. 



Patchworking each pattern piece in this dress is a fun opportunity to use up precious scraps from your fabric collection. It's shown here in 3 solid Cloud Linen fabric colors but add as many colors and fabric as you can to showcase your creativity and your scrap collection. 

Vertical Patchwork

Vertical patchwork is a twist on traditional patchwork above, only a bit more toned town. This is a fun way to experiment with more color or texture in a safe way. The vertical option also creates simple shapes that are fun to play with. 

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