The Horizon Day Dress Tester Verisons

Our newest pattern, The Horizon Day Dress, is here!

You can find the pattern here. The concept of the pattern is quite simple. We wanted to create a comfortable and easy dress that could be thrown on at a moment's notice and make you feel pulled together. The basic shapes of the pattern pieces and relatively simple construction techniques make this a great starting point for garment sewing beginners. We've already heard from a handful of people that this pattern will become a TNT (tried and true) for them. Nothing could make us happier!

The patchwork skirt option is a fun way to spice things up and make a simple pattern more interesting and personal. We love to see you using up scraps from pervious projects or adding in a precious square of fabric that isn't big enough for another make. 

Notes on Fit

The intended fit of this dress is oversized and relaxed. We want you to be able to move freely without any restriction, while still feeling flattered, not drowning in fabric! We recommend going by our size chart. If you fall in between sizes please take a look at the finished garment measurements as there is built in ease to the dress.

As with most of our garments, you will be able to fit into multiple sizes. Theresa and I can both fit comfortably in 2-3 sizes. It just depends on how you want your dress to drape, the type of fabric you choose and the length of your skirt. 

Please leave any fit questions in the comments or reach out to us at

Full Size Range 

Our wonderful testing group *understood* the assignment and came up with some truly beautiful garments. We want to show you how the dress fits on a full size range to help with any fitting questions. 

For this pattern we had a very large group of testers so we could not include all images here. Take a look at the #horizondaydress for more images. A huge thank you to all of our testers, we truly could not do this without you and so appreciate your willingness to give honest feedback. 

Please note that we did change the pattern slightly based on tester feedback. The bodice now has approximately 2-3 inches less ease as most testers sized down. 

Lotte de la Peña • @Shades_of_green__

Made size XXS | Mods: Omitted the sleeves

Rebecca Creech • @rebeccacreechcreates

Made size XS  


Caitlin Snyder • @caitsnyd_sews

Made size S


Tracy • @leftoftheneedle

Made size S 

Sage Pearson • @sagemoonstudio

Made size M 

Ellie Ward  @the.weekend.sewist

Made size M 

Veronique Rüssau  @everyseamittakes

Made size L 


Amanda Paul  @queen_ambrosia

Made size XL 

Annie Szeliski  @annie.szeliski

Made size 2XL


Carmen  @idlehabitat

Made size 4XL


Jess Clarke  @jessicarosesews

Made size 5XL


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Lovely makes! So inspired to create my own dress. Thanks!


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