Horizon Day Dress Wide Stripe Skirt Hack

The Horizon Day Dress is the perfect pattern to let your patchwork creativity flow. Check out how easy it is to create this amazing bold striped skirt.

There will be no adjustments to the bodice, we will only work with the skirt pieces. 

First off, grab your Horizon Day Dress Pattern here if you do not already have it. 

Step 1

Take Pattern Piece #8 from View B. We are going to divide it in half lengthwise then add 1/2 inch or 1.3 cm for your seam allowance. Cut along this new line. The piece with the seam allowance added is your new pattern piece.

Step 2 

Using this new pattern piece cut 6 in one color fabric and 6 in a different color fabric.



Step 3

Arrange the pattern pieces in alternating colors. There will be 6 pieces (3 of each color) for the front and 6 pieces (3 of each color) for the back. The front skirt and the back skirt layout will be the same. Sew front skirt pieces together. Sew back skirt pieces together.

Step 4

Your skirt panels are now done.  Remember to transfer your pocket notches if you will be adding pockets. Continue on with Step 9 in the original Horizon Day Dress sewing instructions. 

Have fun and experiment with the fabrics you have on hand. Every dress will be uniquely yours and tell a little story of your sewing journey.

I hope you love your new 
Horizon Day Dress. We cannot wait to see all the different version you come up with!

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