Weekend Chore Shorts 3 Ways


Summer is in full swing and our Weekend Chore Shorts are a perfectly simple closet staple for hot and sticky days. These shorts are loose fitting with a wider leg opening, making them breezy and easy to wear. A high rise and elastic waist create maximum comfort. The best part, 4 amazingly roomy and functional pockets. Fit your phone, keys, sunglasses, sunscreen and other essentials with no need for a purse. Perfect for afternoon walks. 


We made them in 3 fabrics to how the shape and fit changes with each different textile. 


Denim on Denim


Love ourselves a full on denim look, especially in a super cool two tone set. This is a mid-weight denim with no stretch that is holds it's shape but isn't too structured. Paired with the Peplum Split Tank, this look is cool, cute and chic, elevating the Chore Shorts to be a bit fancier. 


Stripes on Stripes

Ok, now this is a fun look. Vintage inspired and oh so cute. This has a relaxed, lounge like feel, perfect for a girls brunch. Paired with the Champagne Field Top adds a little whimsy. This set is made in a mid weight deadstock striped twill. This is a nice utility weight without feeling stiff. Plus. the stripes are a fun design detail when you can play around with the pocket orientation. 



Utility Canvas

The last pair is made in a simple, heavy weight canvas with a fun pocket flair. This denser fabric holds its shape more and you can see the slight A-line shape of the shorts pattern more. 


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Hi, like Amy I wanted longer shorts, I’m a beginner so followed your instructions to her to lengthen from the shorten/lengthen line on the four panels. I now have longer shorts with the crotch down at my knees. I should have just added length to the bottom!
Matchy Matchy Sewing Club replied:
Hi Cate, The lengthen shorten line on the pattern is for the rise. If you would like to lengthen the inseam you can simply add length to the bottom of the front and back pattern pieces. Apologies for the confusion!


Hi, just wondering if you were planning to offer a hack on how to lengthen these lovely shorts into cropped pants? I was considering how to go about doing that and your instructions are so easy to follow, it would really help!!
Matchy Matchy Sewing Club replied:
Hi Amy! This would be a very easy hack! You just need to lengthen the shorts from the shorten/lengthen line on the 4 panels, but not the pockets. The instructions would stay exactly the same! We would recommend making a test pair first to get the length right. Can’t wait to see yours!



I have a question about the stripe combo I know the top is the Champagne Top pattern I was wondering about how you did the square neckline and the sleeves and also was the back top bodice lengthen because it looks a little bit longer than the original pattern piece.

So so cute definitely will making this.

Thanks for any info you can share.
Matchy Matchy Sewing Club replied:
Hi Cindy! The Champagne Field Dress pattern includes a square neck hack. The sleeves are a version of the Modern Ruffle Sleeve included with the pattern, we simply doubled the width and folded them over so that they have some extra puff. We’ll be doing a blog post about this soon! The back bodice is not lengthened, just make your normal size according to the measurements on the pattern. Can’t wait to see your make!

Cindy Oertel

Do you have a preferred type of waistband elastic? I made my shorts with “soft” elastic and am finding that it wants to fold onto itself inside the casing. I stitched the elastic in place along the side and front/back seams but it still wants to fold a little. Any suggestions?
Matchy Matchy Sewing Club replied:
Hi Lori! Non-roll elastic works best. It is stiffer than soft elastic and will stay in place and not fold over as much. Elastic can be switched out on this pattern pretty easily if needed.

Lori Kay

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