Weekend Chore Shorts are Here!

Our newest pattern, the Weekend Chore Shorts are here!

The Weekend Chore shorts are a loose fitting, stylized utility short with fun pocket details. They feature a high rise gathered elastic waist, a 3 1/4" inseam and roomy apron style front and back pockets that match at the side seams, big enough to comfortably contain all your everyday items and more. Designed to look great in a single fabric or patchwork style. 

We have been developing this pattern since earlier this summer and it is finally ready to go out into the world! The pattern is so fun and versatile we wanted to release it now, even though the timing is a bit off for the northern hemisphere as we march along into the fall and winter months. Our buddies in the southern half of the world (looking at you Australia and New Zealand 👀) can take full advantage. And there is plenty of time for dreaming of warmer temps and planning out those spring makes. 

The best part about this pattern - THE POCKETS! OMG, THE POCKETS. 4 huge pockets that can carry anything you need. Our friend (and frequent model) was trying on our sample and said "wow so many pockets, like a chore coat". Light bulb moment and the name we were searching for was born, TY Chels! 

Our pattern testers were fantastic (per usual) and made some really fun combinations. Here are just a few...

Rebecca, Size XS


Cath, Size S


Kennedy, Size L


Lia, Size M


Rossi, Size L


Allison, Size L 


Jenny, Size XL


Jessica, Size 5XL


Buy the Weekend Chore Shorts pattern here!

We can't wait to see what you make! Use the #weekendchoreshorts so we can take a look. Happy sewing!


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Hi! Love these! Does this pattern include two different lengths? :)
Matchy Matchy Sewing Club replied:
Hi Martha! The pattern has a lengthen/shorten line so you can add or subtract length as needed for your height or presences. We draft our patterns for a 5’5” individual so if you are much shorter or taller you will probably want to adjust the pattern. Can’t wait to see yours!

Martha Ulonska

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