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Sewing Clubhouse Notion Template

Sewing Clubhouse Notion Template

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Organize your sewing in a snap!

This resource was created just for sewists (just like you) as you follow your creativity. We see sewing as a whole creative experience of making wearable memories: from the first spark of inspiration to the delightfully surprising outcome, and the many discoveries along the way. On a mission to help you have as much fun making those memories as you do wearing them, we're always dreaming up beginner-friendly, design-forward ways to make sewing a snap. Enter: Sewing Clubhouse! We’re so glad you’re here :)

How to use the Clubhouse: Notion is a free web based software made to organize everything that matters. We have taken the guess work out of the process and created a simplified and detail-based template to help you organize everything in your sewing world. Feel free to explore the clubhouse and mix it, match it and make it your own. Start by exploring the pages and adding in your own info.

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Interconnected databases for organizing everything
• Projects
• Patterns
• Fabric Stash
• Social Media
• Budgeting
• Inspiration
• Resources
• Wishlist

Works on desktop, tablet and mobile devices

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You will receive a PDF download with a link to your template and instructions on how to use it with Notion.

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Clubhouse Walk Through

Sewing Clubhouse Details

Does this sound familiar? You're trying to remember where you saw that one picture, tip or link that would be so helpful right now - was it in your Instagram feed? Did someone send it in a DM? Maybe it was Pinterest? Ack!!?! 

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